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In her 12 + years of work as a celebrity makeup artist, Jamie Harper has had the opportunity to work with such dynamic celebrity talent as Marc Anthony, Jill Scott, Robin Thicke, Paulina Rubio, Miley Cyrus and many others. Born in New York, and raised in Puerto Rico, Jamie found she was happiest when immersed in the world of fashion and modeling. Her agent in Puerto Rico, the late Dalbert Rosado, was also instrumental in teaching her the techniques of becoming a well respected makeup artist; a profession that she quickly fell in love with. Jamie's success with modeling in Puerto Rico eventually led her to Los Angeles where she would pursue her dreams of becoming an actress. In her exposure to the entertainment industry, she learned advanced methods and techniques for makeup application, many of which she still uses today. Jamie has done makeup for magazine covers, music videos, and has worked with networks like E!, Fox, MTV, Style, Univision, Bravo, Lifetime, BET, CBS and NBC/Mun2. Consistently providing her clients with fresh, wearable, ontrend looks. 

When I can’t control face or excitement!

Jamie Harper

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